Travelling to Sri Padaya – 2017

Our gang is all together 7 girls and 8 boys. We knew that our hike would be tough so we managed to limit our group to age between 18-30. A day before the trip we got a news alert that the temperature is very low on top of the sri pada mountain. So we packed our bags with extra jackets. We start our journey on Friday morning from Horana district and we were able to reach Kuruwita Town around 10.30 am. We were suit up for any challenge, but luckily we skipped rainy days.

There are several trails to the sri pada mountain, we have selected one of the most hardest trail ‘Erathna Road’. It has nearly 16 km to the top of the sri pada mountain.

From the beginning of the hike the road was not a smooth as we expected, the pathway was filled with rocks and there were no any staircase at all. But all the rocks are formed as small steps. We met few stream even from the beginning of the hike, the water was so cold and it looks really amazing.

Not like other trails to the sri pada mountain this trail doesn’t have much shops on the way. After 1.5 km we came to a small bridge. After passing the bridge there was a small path way to the jungle and few of our team manage to crawl down the pathway and reach to a wonderful scenary. After sometime all the team members were reach this place and we felt like we are in a whole different place. It was a small waterfall which flows over huge plain rock. Since we skipped the rainy days the water was not rough on the flow, but it is a beautiful small waterfall. Upper part of the waterfall there were natural ponds which is very suitable to have a bath. Water was so cold even at the mid day.

Most of the team members bath in these natural ponds and had lunch on the same place. It was wonderful experience we had at that moment.

Then again team starts to walk along the narrow pathway. We were all freshen up from our bath and lunch so we manage to continue 5-6Km straight. Since this pathway is across a elephant crossing we had to pass that crossing before 6pm, luckily we were managed to reach that point around 6 pm.


At the same place there is a river crossing called ‘seetha gangula’. The water was so called and there was no bridge for crossing, we had to jump over rocks to cross. There were metal rope over this crossing if it’s the water level was high, but when we crossing the river, water level was dropped and we were able to cross it easily without any hassle.

Since the pathway is formed through a jungle, it’s already dark even in 6 pm. We switched on our torches and continue our journey. From the ‘Seetha Gangula’ point the slop was high and we started to feel the cold.

Once we completed 9km we met a small shop and a place to get some rest. We had some bread for our dinner and get a some rest. After resting around 45 minutes, we started again.

Then we continually hike through the dark narrow path to a place called ‘Idi Katu Pana’. Also there was a small tea shop around, we had some coffee and started our journey.

Finally we came to the top of the sri pada mountain around 4.30 am. We were able to see the sun rise from the top of the mountain, It was a wonderful sight from that height.

We worship the sri padaya in the morning and started our way back around 9am. We have selected a trail named ‘Rathnapura Road’ to climb down the sri pada mountain. It has nearly 15 km to the end of the trail. We started our journey again through Rathnapura Road. It was a amazing trail formed through a beautiful jungle.

There were great sceneries on our coming back trail. They were breath taking sceneries.

Finally we came to the Palabaddala Temple around 6 pm.

This was our amazing hike to the sri pada mountain. We faced lot of challenges and we overcome them as a team. Definitely we will go on next year too. Thank you very much to every friend of mine who support in this trip.

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