Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park is an ideal eco tourism location in Sri Lanka . Entire park area with green forest and scrubs .Minneriya Tank constructed in 3rd century of AD by king Mahasena.

Area consists of 8889 hectares and declaration of the sanctuary by the Government is to protect hydro catchment area of Minneriya tank .

Located in North Central Province of Sri Lanka and the nearest city is Polonnaruwa.

Access : Colombo→Kurunegala→Dambulla→Habarana→Minneriya National Park

In addition to deers, Sambar deers, leopards and elephants , there are birds like Painted Storks ,Grey Herons , Pelican and some other species of birds.

During the dry season of the area animals and birds gather to grass lands of Minneriya tank to drink water, fishing or to have a bath Specially in dry seasons a large number of elephants are gathered to the grass lands at the edge of Minneriya Tank.

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