Kithulgala White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a very famous event in sri lanka. There are several teams are conducting white water rafting tours in kithulgala area. We have contacted team 39 group because their reviews are way better than others. 

So if you are planning to have an awesome adventure, find below the location.


Not only the water rafting, there are some other joyful events like rock sliding and confidence jumping. This video footage includes all the fun we had in the trip. 

You could experience the wonderful nature and cool water. Once in a life time experience.

We were about 12 people went their and we were separated to two boats. First few minutes of the boat ride was so calm, but in middle there were rapid drops of the water flow and we were hardly managed to stay in the boat. Any way we enjoyed a lot even though we were terrified.

According to the guides, the kithulgala river would be used for power plant in near future, so the water flow would be minimize drastically. So people who are planning to have this experience, be quick don’t miss the chance.

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