Madirigiriya Ancient Ruins Polonnaruwa

Madirigiya is situated along side Higurakgoda Village, Polonnaruwa. The old cultural letters on the rocks called “sellipi” proves that this place has a greate history. This site is build by Kanittha Tissa(192-194) in Anuradhapura era of Sri Lanka. But Later Kings who rule the polonnaruwa also contributed more to the same place. But later when Kalinga Maga invaded the Sri Lanka Sinhalese migrated to the southern provinces of Sri Lanka.

After several year middle of the jungle Mr H.C.P Bell and his team found this place in 1897 and realise the important of this cultural place and this site named as architectural jewel. Later in 1945 this place was open to public.

In the begining of the time there were 600 acres around this madirigirya site and the land was filled with hitorical ruins. But later when the people migrated back to these places, they started to destroy these historical ruins and now it’s only 250 acres of land remains.

The roof of the Stupa house has been built on three concentric circles of stone pillars most of which still can be seen in the original state. The inner most circle of 16 pillars are 17 feet in height and the other two circles are 16 and 9 feet in height and 20 and 32 in numbers respectively. There are many opinions of what the roof would have looked like by many archaeologists. Some even believe there never has been a roof considering the sizes and the number of pillars. Anyway this site remains a one of the best examples of local craftsmanship of the ancient Sri Lanka.

The location of Madirigiriya watadage as below,

Below video footage will bring you to the heart of the Madirigiriya,

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