Rama Sethu (Adam’s Bridge) – Thalai Manar

Ramasethu, also known as Rama’s Bridge or Adam’s Bridge is a limestone deposit between Rameshwaram Island(Pamban Island), off the south-eastern coast of Tamilnadu, India and Manar, off the north-western coast of Sri Lanka.

Geologists point out that this strip of sand with limestone was over land road to Sri Lanka (former Ceylon) which had been damaged from time to time due to natural sea disasters like Tsunamis, cyclones or storms.

The bridge is almost 50kms long separates the Gulf of Manar and Palk Strait.Some parts of Sanad banks along the bridge is dry. It was recorded in history that this bridge was over the sea level up to 15th century.

As per Indian Sanskrit Epic Ramayana written by Valmiki The bridge had been constructed by Hanuman and his Army at the instructions of Rama to enable him to rescue his wife, Sitha . She had been kidnapped by the then king of Ravana. However after the Dutch Portuguese and British periods in Sri Lanka the name of Ramasethu had been changed to “Adam’s Bridge”. The Ferry Service between Thalai Manar and Dhanushkody had been
discontinued due to Terrorist attacks. Railway lines have been reconstructed and operative now after the end of war.

From Thalai Manar you can take a boat to visit Ramasethu, sand banks and small islands which are used by birds to hatch their eggs. If the sea is calm, You can visit this marvellous attraction. Travelling by a boat in rough or stormy sea conditions is dangerous and not recommended.

Access : ColomboManar (by car 229kms): There is a train from Colombo to Thalai Manar.

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