Katharagama Temple (Kiri Wehera/Dewalaya)

Katharagama Devalaya (Temple) was constructed by the king Gamunu and dedicated to Sri Skandha Kumara also known as god Katharagama Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus both venerate to god Katharagama. Evening Poojaawa(worship & Offerings) commences at 1800hrs daily.

Festival Season of Katharagama is within the months of July and August in each year. It is a multicultural parade of devotees. Tamil devotees from Northern and Eastern Provinces, walk along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka and finally through the Yala National Park to Katharagama for participation to the Festival in each year.

Walli Amma kovil(Temple) is located in Sella Katharagama which is a suburb of Katharagama. As per Buddhist legends Walli Amma was the wife of Skanda Kumara when he lives in Kataragama area. Temple of God Ganesh is in Sella Katharagama. KiriVehera Buddhist Temple is adjoining temple to Katharagama Develaya. As per ancient records Kirivehera was built in 6th century, BC and by the king Mahasena. It is one of most sacred Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka.


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