Lipton’s Seat is an amazing tourist attraction in Dambetenna Tea Plantation ,Haputhale Sri Lanka.
Colombo->Rathnapura->Beragala->Haputhale->Lipton’s Seat.

It is about 8 kms from Haputhale , a narrow road towards Dambetenna Tea Plantation and after about two and a half hours travel you will arrive at Lipton Seat. A tea planter called Lipton had created this marvelous lookout when he was owner of the Tea Plantation.

You can see 180 degrees around from this look out if there is no mist and with clear sky. On your way back, 4kms from Haputhale you can see St Bennedict’s Monestry called Adisham open only for visitors on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

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