Trincomalee is situated in eastern coast of Sri Lanka and famous for natural harbour more important in the Asian region. Earlier it was known as Thirukonamalai(In Tamil)and Thrikunamalaya (In Sinhala) .

After taking over the ruling power of Sri Lanka by British, name of city had been changed to “Trincomalee”.

ColomboAmbepussaKurunegalaTrincomalee (255 kms)

Nilaweli is the most attractive beach in Trinco. More local as well as foreign tourists visit and enjoy. Hot Springs in Kanniya is another attraction. In all hot springs, temperature of water is different from each other.

You can go a boat ride in Bay of Trinco with prior arrangement with Boat owners.

Koneswaram Hindu Temple is an ancient temple constructed in 3rd century BCE. This is one of the most secret Hindu Temples in Province.

Hotels/Restaurants can be booked online.

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