Meemure is known as the most remote village in Sri Lanka. Located in the Knuckles Mountain Range, bordering Kandy and Matale Districts. It is nearly a 7 hour tour straight away from Colombo to Meemure Via Kandy.

From Kandy, travel along Mahiyangana Road to Hunnasgiriya Junction and Turn Left to Lulwatta small Town. Meemure is 15kms away from Lulwatta’. However on your way to Meemure you can visit Victoria Dam & reservoir.

Cobert’s Gap and Hulu Ganga (river). Knuckles Mountain Range, Lakegala,Heen Ganga (River) and Gala Muduna are some of places you visit while you are experiencing Biodiversity of the area. Lodging, Restaurants and camping facilities are available in the village.

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